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Clean, Dry & Healthy Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA:

If spots, spills, pets or dirty, matted traffic paths have made your carpet less attractive, it’s time to call San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA, for “Cleaner, Drier, Greener, Healthier” carpet cleaning. Our exclusive 6-step process will leave your carpets thoroughly clean, immediately dry and ready to use. Our all-inclusive service comes with no up charges, no add-ons and no surprises. For carpet cleaning in San Jose, call Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning today and you’ll “Love Your Carpets Again!” … We Guarantee It at San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning !

How San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning’s Process Works…

First, San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning, will  power vacuum your carpets, lift the pile and dry extract all loose soil, dust and allergens. We’ll then apply a low moisture pre-treatment to emulsify any remaining spots or stains. Our special dry carpet cleaning compound is then applied and brushed through the carpet cleaning from the bottom up with our special carpet cleaning machine. Our dry cleaning compound dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans. Just as a sponge in your kitchen holds onto dirt, our carpet cleaning system traps the soil, spots and stains extracted from your carpet. Your carpet will clean, dry and ready to use and enjoy right away with San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning !

The Problem With Wet (Old Style) Carpet Cleaning VS San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Traditional steam cleaning or hot water extraction often forces dirt to the bottom of your carpet by spraying pressurized water down in to the carpet while attempting to clean it. This process may turn your dry dirt into mud, and may soon begin to smell like mildew, wet pets or worse. This creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. To compound this problem, within a day or two, the sludge mixture dries and through capillary action, the dissolved spots wick their way back to the surface of your carpet. And voila… the spots reappear! This is not the way San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA  believes your valuable carpets should be cleaned.

Our Process & Primary Carpet Cleaning Product at San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning
#1 rated by America’s leading consumer magazine.

In a test of in-home carpet cleaners reported by America’s Leading Consumer magazine, our primary cleaning product we use at San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning in San Jose CA  was the only product rated “excellent”.

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Now consider cleaning your carpet green and dry with San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning:


  • No wet carpet
  • Environmentally preferred
  • Spots won’t come back
  • Carpet stays cleaner longer
  • Lifts matted carpet pile
  • Removes dust mites, mold and other allergens
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Safe for all carpets, even Orientals and sisal


The choice should be clear: Drier is better than wetter!

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San Jose, Fruitdale, Alum Rock, Milpitas,Sunnyvale,

Cupertino, Cambell, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Saratoga,

Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Woodside and Redwood City CA