Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA | Consumer Warning!


Beware of carpet cleaning companies using the old bait-n-switch Scam!


Carpet Cleaning San Jose | companies using the old bait-n-switch Scam!

So you’re ready to have your carpeting professionally cleaned and want to get the best job and quality for the best possible price, right?

You may have received a discount or coupon in a Newspaper, Craigslist, Val Pak or possibly from some direct mail advertising $6.95 or $9.95 per room! What a great deal you may think? How can they afford to charge such rock bottom prices? As a reputable business owner who has been in the carpet cleaning business over 20 years, I can tell you with absolute certainty, THEY SIMPLY CAN NOT! The gasoline to get to your home would make this a profit losing deal for any company. There are several cleaning agents, set up and tear down time, actual labor time, employee cost, insurance, marketing Etc. Any company charging these commonly advertised prices would soon be broke and out of business very quickly. Food for thought, the average skilled carpet cleaning technician earns about $15-$35 per hour. The average heavily spotted room can take up to an hour plus to properly treat, remove stains, restore the pile and deep clean the carpet.


Carpet Cleaning San Jose Ca | Warning to Consumers

So how are they possibly charging these amazing low prices? The answer is simple, There Not! This is the tell tail signs of a Bait & Switch Scam! Here’s the scam: Once they have arrived and are inside your home, they know you have rearranged your busy schedule, moved things for them and have planned to have this service done. Next you are informed that the Rock Bottom price you were quoted is for a “basic steam cleaning”, in other words plain water. Simply stated you can’t properly clean even a lightly soiled carpet without proper cleaning products, such as pre-spray, emulsifier, various spot removers and pet stain enzymes and much more. They have these products on hand, but if they use them on your carpets, your rock bottom quoted price quadrupled, not to mention the high pressure add on sales like Scotchguard, Tephlon, deodorizing as well as a rediculously high charge for moving any furniture, the fan rental (to dry your now soaking wet carpet) or a pre vacuum (to remove loose dirt before they make mud in your carpet pad). Add in the hidden travel fee. and the rooms you thought you would be paying $6.99-$9.99 for them to clean are now going to cost you over $300. Let’s not forget to mention the lousy job performed by the inexperienced technician you’ve been sent! These companies hire anyone right off the street and pay on a commission only basis! Commission on what you may be asking? On all of the high pressure up sell items, of course! These types of companies are routinely getting sued, horrible online reviews, go out of business, and then just reappear under a new company name. Save yourself the trouble and your carpets from being ruined! You may only get one chance to properly remove a stain the first time. A bad carpet cleaning can also void the warranty on your homes valuable carpeting as well as cause a number of health risks for your family and pets.

San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning In San Jose CA

At San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning in San Jose CA, we pride ourselve on the highest quality Professional Carpet Cleaning Products and Services, and have trained & skilled IICRC/STRONG Certified technicians. You will only pay the price you are quoted! Our sole purpose is to please you, as well as extend the life of your carpeting with our professional & thorough carpet cleaning process! Don’t get soaked by the Bait & Switch SCAM! Remember the old Saying You get what you pay for! If it seems to good to be true it probably is, use caution and choose a highly reputable local carpet cleaning professional sach as San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning In San Jose CA.

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