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What a difference…  Our carpets are about 8 years old and we’ve had them steam cleaned at least a couple times a year. In between cleanings our carpets get worked pretty hard by kids, cats, and all kinds of spills.  We had come to dread steam cleaning because it always leaves the carpets wet for at least a day, spots come back immediately (literally), and the house smells like a musty dog for a week.  So far, the dry carpet cleaning has had none of these problems.  The carpet was at least 90% dry when they finished, and 100% dry by the end of the day.  All but the worst of the stains are gone, and the worst ones are substantially lightened (our expectation was that they would not go away completely, but they’re still a lot better).  In all the spots where stains tend to come back immediately after steam cleaning, the carpet is still looking good  But candidly the best part so far is the scent. I can’t describe it but it’s fairly pleasant and natural smelling. What a difference from the usual steam cleaning smell.  Robert, the business owner, is very professional and asked thorough questions about the condition of our carpet before getting started. He was very knowledgeable about the process and clearly believes in the product.  Long story short, we have a new carpet cleaning service.  Evan R.  San Jose, CA

I had Rob and Walter come to my 3 bedroom and 3 bath apartment one day around 2 pm. They showed up on time, were very friendly and professional and really paid attention to what I needed done. I have 3 cats and they were real tolerable about keeping an eye out for them while they worked. They were done in like an hour and very efficient in covering all of the carpet areas! The wonderful deoderizer they put down first makes a nice smell even after like 2 weeks now! My cats are happy also! They love to have a clean carpets as well as I do and it won’t harm the cats at all!  Thanks for the great job guys, and if I were anyone looking for a healthy, thourough, affordable carpet cleaning in a timely manner, no need to call anyone else! Call Rob at 408-334-9411 !!!!!!   Teri B.  San Jose, CA