Dry Carpet Cleaning VS. Wet Carpet Cleaning. san jose carpet cleaning

So what Is Better Wet Or Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Welcome to San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaning’s blog. Today I’d like to discuss the difference between our Dry Carpet Cleaning method and our competitor’s various “Wet” methods. First let’s start with our competitor their main primary cleaner is water there are several problems with that. First, all carpet is glued together with latex glue and latex glue is water soluble. Every time you clean your carpet with this type of method it destroys the foundation and backing off your carpet. Not to mention when they force high pressure water into your carpet, it mixes with the dirt and is pushed down into the padding on the carpet. Even the best truck mounted carpet cleaning systems in San Jose can only pull about 85 percent of the water back out of the carpet. This dirty water (up to 20 gallons) left behind can cause all types of mold, mildew, bacteria and carpet & padding breakdown and contamination, while waiting for it to thoroughly dry. Also when the water that is removed is pulled out, they are really using your carpet padding as the filter, trapping all types of dirt, allergens, pollen and debris behind. Carpets can stretch, shrink, loose all the protective coating and cause matting of the carpet pile.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is Clearly Superior!    carpet cleaning san jose ca

Using the Strong Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning Process, we eliminate all these risks and hazards. We are convinced and we guarantee that you will love our carpet cleaning services here in San Jose, and we look forward to taking care of all your carpet cleaning needs in the future. Thank you very much! Rob Segura Owner and Operator of San Jose Dry carpet cleaning right here in downtown San Jose California.
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